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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lake House Movie Review

Today I wasn't feeling well so I watched, The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

lakehouse.jpg lake house movie image by rancheritasinbotas

v2.jpg The Lake House image by raphisgirl

It's a rather unusual story I think, about two people who discover that they live two years apart. He's in 2004 and she's in 2006. They write a lot of letters to each other through a mailbox at a beach house that they've both lived at.

There isn't anything objectionable in this movie and is ok for everyone. :)


  1. Oh! We usually like Sandra Bullock movies. Did you enjoy this one? Is it on instant play on Netflix?

  2. We watched it tonight. We did the $3 rental from blockbuster. How did you hear of it and where'd you obtain the copy to watch?

    It was interesting. I certainly enjoyed it, but the end was kind of confusing =S

  3. I like that one with her especially. :) I can't remember where we heard about it... Maybe instant suggestion of netflix. It was a while ago.

    I loved the end. :D It makes me so happy


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