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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black as Night Book Review

Black as Night (Snow White) is the second book in the series by Regina Doman. I did a review of The Shadow of the Bear, the first book, a couple days ago. I like this book, but not as much as the other three. It was kind of boring I thought, and her style bugged me a little. She keeps referring to Blanch as, "the girl". Once or twice is fine... But she does it constantly. Kind of annoying. :P And now that I've pointed it out to you it will bother you all the way through the book too! Mwahahaha!!

Back cover

"Another rat?" Brother Herman's face wrinkled into a grin. The rats of the South Bronx were legendary in size.
"Who knows?" The friars entered the church, genuflected, and walked into the vestibule. There they saw Charley squatting before something in the corner, staring with his mouth wide open. Matt slipped up to the burly novice. "What is it, Charley?"
"It's a girl," Charley said hoarsely, pointing at the foot. For a moment, Matt mistook the white ankle for a dismembered limb and he breathed, "Sweet Jesus."
The whole community was gathered in the vestibule now. Brother Herman was frowning. He had edged closer to the pile of coats and was leaning his chubby frame over the body, turning his red, round face this way and that. Finally he leaned back heavily with a sigh. "I think she's just sleeping," he said in a stage whisper to Fr. Francis. There was an almost audible group sigh.
"Well, that's something to be thankful for", said Fr. Francis briskly, in a soft voice. "But why should she be sleeping here?"

"In this modern-day retelling of an old fairy tale, a young woman is fleeing a haunting evil and a young man is being forced to come to grips with himself and with his past. Bear and Blanch, with the support of Rose and Fish, seek light amidst mysteriously dark and puzzling circumstances. They receive unexpected help--from seven ready-for anything Franciscan friars! Long-awaited sequel to the Shadow of the Bear."

A favorite passage:

"They were such an odd company--a half dozen or so bearded men in gray and one black and white girl, seated around a rough table in a squalid kitchen. But from the roars of unchecked laughter that engulfed them, it was evident that there was a unique bond melding. A ring of plain metal set with the jewel of a girl.
Yes, it was unusual, Brother Leon reflected. It would not last--there was little practical way Nora could remain with them. But the image was a lasting one, and he tucked it away in his store of memory as an unusual glint of light from the Kingdom of Heaven, God's odd reflection."

This book was definitely my least favorite of them, but I would still recommend reading it. It is a good story, and it makes it so that the first book flows easily to the third.

BlancheBrier.jpg Blanche Brier image by elenatintil

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