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"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."— Mark Twain

Friday, January 28, 2011

1 AM

So. It's 1 in the morning and I'm sitting here drawing, watching Twilight, and drinking coffee. And my knees hurt. :P

Mark Crilley does great how to videos.

You know... I really like this movie. :P I know a lot of people think that's really stupid but I don't care. :P They're one of my inspiration movies.


You can't judge it till you've read them. :)

I want to get better at drawing anime. I like the style a lot and my brother Forrest is really good at it. :)

sigh... I am ready for Sunday.

I'm all inspired/uninspired/depressed/sigh/happy all at the same time. :P I don't like this mood.

Aaand... I just realized I was chewing on my pencil. Time to get back to drawing. :)

Lots of love!


Monday, January 24, 2011

When the skies are grey

(Even though grey skies don't always depress me...)

Here are the things that almost never fail to cheer me up. :)

Google Talk

Looking at Icons on Photobucket


Looking at things on Etsy

Making treasuries on Etsy

Listening to music, specifically Radiohead, The Decemberists, and Blue October

Fluff movies like the High School Musical series, A Cinderella Story, Another Cinderella Story, Doctor Who, Stargate...

Taking quizzes

Color. I am a color addict.

rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

Going on walks by myself in the rain while listening to the aforementioned music. :P

I didn't think it was that accurate at first but now that I've read it a couple times and now I do think it's pretty accurate...

Anyhow, goodnight!

Love, Shay

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A tag

5 Random Things About Myself:
1. The most random thing I have ever said was "apple cadavers".
2. I almost always sleep on my stomach.
3. I know how to install A-35's, sheet rock, and a sink.
4. I've broken my small toe.
5. I have moved at least seven times.

5 strange Things About Myself:
1. I drink coffee at midnight, or one in the morning as the case may be. :P
2. I would take chips over chocolate most of the time.
3. My first love was the crocodile hunter. :D
4. I have an obsession with pink grapefruit.
5. I wore a broken mood ring for a very long time. :P

5 Things On My Dresser:
1. Bracelets
2. Pictures
3. Hand Lotion
4. Splatter Board
5. Nail Polish

5 Of Your Best Friends:
1. Benny
2. Beka
3. Juli
4. Suzy
5. Chris
6. Bethany
7. Scott
8. Nathan
9. Katy

5 Things You Love To Do:
1. Sing
2. Dance
3. Read
4. Talk to my friends
5. Listen to music

5 People You Are Tagging:
Anyone else who wants to do it. :)

1. What was the highlight of your life? Gosh... I don't know
2. Who’s truck were you in last? Scott's
3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? I don't know :P
4. What colors are you wearing? Pink, brown, grey
5. How long is your hair? Medium long
6. Who do you have a crush on? :)
7. Last thing you ate? A bowl of oats.
8. Last thing you drank? A cup of coffee
9. Where did you sleep last night? In my bed.
10. Are you happy right now? Yes
11. What did you say last? "What else do I love to do?"
12. Where is your phone? I don't have one.
13. What was the last museum you went to? I went to one in California and saw the stone Chinese soldiers.
14. What color are your eyes? Blue
15. Who came over last? Chris and Scott
16. When was the last time your heart was broken?
17. Who/what do you hate/dislike? Obama
18. What are you listening to? Stargate Atlantis
19. If you could do one thing right now, what would it be? Um... Spend time with my friends. :)
20. What is your favorite smell? Pink Grapefruit!!!!!
21. Who makes you the most happy? My friends :D
22. What were you doing at midnight last night? They Shoot Canoes Don't They?
23. Are you left handed? No
24. Have you ever liked one of your brother/sister’s friends? It depends on how you look at it...
25. What is the last Alcoholic beverage you had? Wine
26. When is your b-day? December 3rd
27. Who was the last person to text you? I don't text
28.When was the last time you jumped in a swimming pool? Future Woman's Camp 2 Years ago.
29. Where was the last place you went shopping? I'm not sure... Fred Meyers probably
30. How do you feel about your hair right now? I don't really care.
31. Do you have any expensive jewelry? What is expensive?
32. AIM or MSN? ?
33. Where does most of your family live? In America.
34. Are you an older child or do you have siblings? . . .

35. Name 10 of your favorite songs!
1) I See The Light-Tangled Soundtrack
2) 18th Floor Balcony-Blue October
3) You Picked Me-A Fine Frenzy
4) Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard
5) Better Together-Jack Johnson
6) A Dustland Fairytale-The Killers
7) You and Me-Lifehouse
8) Unintended-Muse
9) Idioteque-Radiohead
10) Impossible Germany-Wilco

36. What did you think when you got up? My head hurts
37. Do you drink beer? Yucky
38. Facebook or myspace? Facebook
39. Do you have T-Mobile? No
40. What is your favorite subject? It was science41. What kind of boy/girl do you fall for? :)
42. Do you have any talents? Not really :P
43. Have you ever been IN a wedding? I was a flower girl once a long time ago.
44. Do you have kids? No
45. Did you take a nap today? No
46. Ever met someone famous? I met the woman who plays Sophie once. And I saw Hardison, Parker, and Nate. But I'm not sure they're famous...
47. Do you want to be famous? Not really
48. Are you multi-tasking right now? Yep, and have been all night.
49. Do you think you could handle being in the military? nope.
50. What is your favorite color? Red
51. Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Nope
52. What are you doing today? I made links, cleaned house, made treasuries, etc...
53. Have you ever been gambling? No
54. What’s your pets name? When I have my cat if it's a girl she'll be Sally Sparrow, if it's a boy, Captain Hastings.
55. Do you miss anyone right now? Yes
56. One book you’ve read over and over? The book of Esther, The Shadow of the Bear, and Writing Non-fiction
57. Do you have a favorite cartoon? Teen Titans
58. Last thing you cooked? A hot dog.
59. Last time you were sick? I was kind of sick today.
60. Last person you fell for? :)
61. Do you think anyone will re-post this? I don't know
62. Who are you gonna tag?
Anyone who wants to.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Amazing Blogs :)





Sunday, January 16, 2011

There was a dance on Friday!!!

Will trying to imitate Forrest. :)

Beautiful Juli!

Me and Benny

My ridiculous brother Scott. :D

Juli and Kerilynn

People dancing Whip the Willow

Hadley, who looked fabulous!

Lindsey :)

Forrest and Andy...

Several of us went on a walk before the dance.

Forrest and Benny trying to knock each other off of the row of squares.

So that's a lot of pictures that aren't very good, but I felt like I should put them up anyways. And I cannot figure out why my font is blue and underlined.......

It was an amazing wonderful dance. Best one yet. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tangled again... :) = Song of the Day

On Saturday Forrest, Elisa, Chris, and I all went and saw Tangled. It was my second time and it was even better than the first. :D Everything about that movie is just so lovely... The music, the colors, the story.

I am going to learn this song. I've learned Only Hope by Mandy Moore and it was a fun song to sing. Her range isn't too hard for mine.

If you haven't seen the movie yet then don't watch this video. You have to see it all together. This scene is my favorite, this song is my favorite song right now, and this movie is my favorite movie for the moment. :)

Tomorrow, well today I guess, I have to get up early for work so I'm going to go to bed now.

Goodnight and much love!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

See You At The Top

Tonight we read three chapters out of Zig Zigler's book, See You At The Top. He talks all about how you're supposed to view yourself positively no matter your circumstances, what you've been told before, etc... It's interesting because this is just what I've been talking about with some people. And also tonight on the radio I happened to hear this very sad story about someones mother-in-law that tied into the whole thing.

It was about this woman who couldn't connect with her mother-in-law and then one day asked her what life was like when she was young. Her m-i-l then told her about her life as a young girl... She was in love with this guy and they were going to get married after college. So when they both graduated they went their separate ways and he was going to call her in the fall and they were going to get married. But he never called. She waited and waited buy he never called. Her mom never liked the guy anyways because he wasn't rich. She finally ended up marrying this guy that her mother wanted her to marry and had five children and was a good mom and all that but she never loved him.
One night she went to a party when she was much older, like seventy I think, and she saw that guy that she had been so in love with. They recognized each other and talked for a while. And then she asked him, "Why did you never call?" And he said that he had called many many times and every time he had got her mother who told him that she didn't love him and didn't want him to call anymore. Finally she told him that she was engaged to be married and to never call again.
The woman's mother-in-law had also wanted to be an opera singer and had gotten the lead in a opera in college. She had a good voice and loved to sing. But her mother told her that she would never make it as a singer, she didn't have enough talent. So she gave it up and went into the family business.

The point of the story was that, that woman's mother-in-law had died with the music still inside her.

Here's a couple paragraphs from the Zig Zigler book.

In a large southern city there is a magnificent new shopping center that stands on the former city garbage dump. For over a century no one saw this location as anything but the "garbage dump." About twenty-five years ago, however, some progressive-minded citizens started "seeing" that location as a beautiful new shopping center. Immediately they stopped dumping garbage and started hauling good, clean fill dirt and dumping it over the century-old garbage. They packed it down with huge highway rolling machinery until a solid foundation was prepared. It was on this foundation that they built a magnificent new shopping center. But really, this shopping center is built on garbage, isn't it?
I tell this story because the chances are that over a period of time, people have been dumping "garbage" into your mind. What you must understand, however, is that it doesn't really matter if garbage has been dumped into your mind in the past. In fact, it doesn't really matter if others, through either malice or ignorance, have built low ceilings over you. You can overcome all of that "garbage," so I'm going to say to you, "Happy Birthday," because today is the first day of the rest of your life. The past is over and the fact you have read this far indicates you are now in the process of building a foundation for a greater mind.


Characteristically, when a person falls victim to Garbage-Dump Thinking he develops an assortment of "Losers Limps." You know what the Loser's Limp is if you've ever attended a football game or watched one on television... The offensive player slips behind the defensive player, reaches up, pulls in a pass, and heads for the end zone. The defensive player quickly recovers and takes out in hot pursuit. When the offensive player gets about 20 yards from the end zone, the defensive player realizes he's not going to catch the man with the ball. Everybody else in the stands knows it too. So, the defensive player frequently pulls up limping and the people in the stands say, "Well, no wonder the poor guy couldn't catch him. Look, he's crippled." Now that's the Loser's Limp. What is yours?

I know that I have some problems with this...

I am my family's optimistic one. I see the glass as half full, look forward to the future, am sure that things will work themselves out. But I get into these slumps were I feel completely useless. I've never been comfortable with the way that I look, or the way that my voice sounds. Sometimes someone will say something and even though they didn't mean it that way at all, it just hurts and it can be hard for me to overcome it. I am much much better than I was a few years ago. A better trust in God and some good friends has boosted my confidence level quite a bit there are still times... So I am really enjoying See You At the Top and I think it will help.

This book so far is very very good and I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

Love you! Shay

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chapter 1

Well, I have not been able to keep myself accountable to working on my story... :P I need a sort of deadline to make sure that I work on it regularly. So I'm going to start posting it to here in one chapter a week increments. :) One every Wednesday. Or at least almost every hopefully. :P
If you don't want to read it now, and would rather wait till it's all together in one piece and completely finished you can. :) It will be quite a while I think though...
If you can think of a name for my story... I'm horrible with names. :P
Two men rode down a darkening road that cut its way through the dense woods. It had once been a main road but now due to years of disuse the trees were threatening to swallow it up. Long vines of ivy drooped from overhanging branches and cast a weird glowing light on the muddy ground and the grey trunks of the trees. A strong wind whipped the leaves around in small whirlwinds and flicked drops of mud in the traveller's faces. The overcast sky told of rain to come which was nothing new. Now it only stopped raining long enough for the water logged ground to firm up. Always cold but never cold enough for the rain to turn to snow.
The older of the two men had dark hair that was long enough to cover his ears and get in his brown eyes. He viewed the world with a quiet amusement like he had his own private joke. His name was Peter, he was twenty, tall, and strong.
The other was his younger brother Derek. At eighteen he was also tall and dark but a little smaller. Derek wasn't as quiet as Peter, he had many opinions and usually voiced them. He was very talented and smart and he knew it too.
The two brothers had been on the move since they were young.
Peter pulled his cloak tighter about himself as the bitter wind picked up speek. "We should find someplace to set up camp." He scanned the tree line looking for a break into the forest. It was not a good idea to camp on the side of the road. There were many scavengers and thieves who would kill for a scrap of bread let alone a horse. Horses were a rare luxury and Peter and Derek both had fine ones.
"Wait." Derek reigned in his horse.
Peter looked ahead trying to see what had caught Derek's attention. He couldn't see anything but he could guess. "More?"
"Yes, and see that?"
They had been entering a good sized field. At one side a small hut stood defensless. At the opposite end a group of three men were just entering the clearing. This was the fourth group thieves they had come across this week. They didn't notice the two brothers, they were too intent on their victims in the shack.
"Come on!" Peter urged his horse forward again.
Derek needed no such encouragement. Letting out a blood curdling yell he spurred his own horse across the muddy field towards the group of thieves. As soon as he was close enough he threw himself from the saddle and landed full on top of the nearest of the men knocking them both into the mud.
Peter hurried to join the fray and efficiently dealt with the other two before they had a chance to flee or help their comrade.
Meanwhile Derek still struggled witht he man in the mud, their swords lay forgotten a short distance away. The other man got his hands around Derek's neck and was trying to choke th ebreath from him. But Derek managed to get his hand beneath his cloak and pulled out a dagger. With a quick thrust it was over. Derek stood, mud and water dripping from him.
"Derek," Peter stooped to clean his blade. "Lets hope I'll always be around to watch your back. You left yourself wide open for attack from the other two."
Derek shrugged and grinned trying unsuccesfully to wipe some of the grime from his clothes. He glanced at Peter who was relatively spotless.
"Maybe if you didn't roll around in it so much." Peter said. "But really, what if I hadn't been here to take care of the rest for you?"
Derek flicked his knife in the air and caught it again. "Plenty more where this came from." He held his cloak open displaying a row of daggers.
So........ there's chapter one. Most of you have read it already. But this is the new and improved chapter one. :) Most likely one of the last versions of chapter one. :P At least I hope so... You would not believe how this story started out and where it was going...
So tell me what you think!
Anways, goodnight!!
Much love, Shay
Peter chuckled. "I really don't understand that. Doesn't it ever get too heavy?"
Derek had always been fascinated with knives. He said they were more maneuverable than a sword.
"Well, we'd better find a place dry enough to light a fire. Come on."
Derek paused looking back at the tiny home whose inhabitants they had just saved from being robbed and most likely murdered as well. "Do you think they-?"
"No, I don't." Peter cut him off. "They have little enough for themselves and we would probably just frighten them." He looked meaninfully at Derek whose nose was bleeding making red tracks down his muddy face.

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