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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Awesome Heroes

I decided to do a post about my favorite movie heroes, in no particular order. :)

Spock played by Zachary Quinto in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Logical and emotionless. :)

Of course there's always the Doctor :D This is the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith starting in 2010. And I cannot figure out how to get this off underline!!! Most frustrating...

Wesley from the Princess Bride 1987 movie. :D :D :D One of my absolutest favoritest heroes. This movie was something that I grew up with. It was my Mom and Dad's first date. :)

Colonel Brandon!!! :D My favorite Jane Austen Hero. Well, him and Charles Bingley. He has the most amazing voice.
Also, he is so wonderful the way he stands by Marianne even when she's being a little idiot.

Christopher Eccleston is the third Doctor starting in 2005. He revives the old series and starts a new one. Even though he was only in one series he has made a very lasting impression on all Doctor Who fans.

Of course what list of heroes would be complete without Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? :D

The Four Feathers was a very good movie, though it had quite a bit of blood and war, if that kind of thing bothers you. :P 1995
Also it had Heath Ledger, a very very good actor.
Another movie with him that I love is A Knight's Tale--2001

The Spider man series used to be my favorite till it was replaced with Iron Man. I'm actually not that crazy about Spider Man, but Harry (James Franco) was very very cool. At least he was in Spider Man 3-2007. To bad he died... :(

Joaquin Phoenix was in Signs-2002 and The Village-2004 and played wonderful characters in both of them.

Christian Kane plays Eliot in the TV series Leverage. :D : D :D 2008
Some of things that I particularly like about him is that he is a complete defender of the helpless. Of course the whole team is, but him in particular. He's always helping little kids. :)

Michael Shanks, one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite characters. :) He plays Daniel Jackson in the tv show Stargate SG-1 that began in 1997 and ran until 2007. Ten seasons made it the longest North American science fiction show on tv. :D
There were also two movies made of the show.
Daniel is another person who is a defender of the weak. He always gets along with little kids and saving damsels in distress. :D

Tony from the tv show NCIS 2003, has some problems... :P As you know if you watch the show. But then, on the other hand, when it really matters he puts his life on the line for his team over and over.
That one episode where Gibbs is in a car with this girl and drove it into the river... Tony runs through this building shooting the bad guys while running, then without stopping he dives into the river pulling both the girl and Gibbs to safety. That was a pretty awesome part.

Nicolas Cage from a number of movies. :P The Family Man-2000--National Treasure-2004--Ghost Rider-2007--Next-2007

Peter Davison the fifth Doctor starting in 1981. One of my five favorite Doctors. :)

Jack O'Neill-two Ls. He is also from the tv show Stargate SG-1 1997. One of the reasons I like him so much, besides the fact that he does a great job, is that he reminds me so much of both my Dad and my big brother Scott. :D
He was made an honorary Brigadier General for his positive portrayal of the Air Force for all ten years.

David Tennant was the 10th Doctor starting in 2005 and my favorite. :D I think, and many people believe the same, that he was the best Doctor ever. "I'm sorry... I'm so so sorry..."

Tom Baker was the fourth Doctor 1974 and was the man who made Doctor Who what it is. :) He is so eccentric and different and I love his ridiculous scarf.

2010--The Mad Hatter... was just amazing... Jonny Depp was spectacular as the Mad Hatter. The way his voice went all Scottish when he was angry... The way he saved Alice and was willing to fight the Jabberwocky. I think that he is a very good example of what men should be today. Aside the from the insanity of course. :P

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