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Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been wondering... Should I start putting up my story on this blog one chapter at a time so people can read it? It would certainly keep me more motivated to write more but then people would be reading it before it's completion... I am sure that there will be several more drafts once I actually get it completely written.

What do you think?


  1. I think you should just keep us all updated on how many words you have, so then you can still go back and make changes when you need to. If you post it all as you go along it will make it harder to go back and edit stuff, I would think.... you should just tell us how many words you have, so then you can still feel motivated to make the number go up :P I would much rather read the finished work rather than waiting between the posts knowing that what I just read could be changed :P

  2. There are always drafts...but sometimes everybody knowing about it can slow you done and hurt your motivation, so I think you should just try to decide what would be best for you continuing work.
    So...if this is what keeps you motivated. Do it! Do it! Do it!
    I'll read it. :-)

    Keep writing! Your doing awesome. :-)Unlike me...who is completely stuck. What do I write about now that my stupid story ended!!!!!!

    You know who

  3. I think you should do it :) I love reading stories like that, it's suspenseful, and it does keep one motivated.... :) I'd love to read it!

  4. Yes!! Do it!!! I want to read it and be held in excruciating suspense!


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