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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's been going on

So this will be a catch up post. :)

December 3rd was my birthday. :) 19 years old. I didn't really do anything for it but Forrest had some friends over to play xbox that day so I played with them. :D Chris brought over Dominion and we played that three times. I really like that game. I won once by two points. :)

And that night we went to a Christmas hymn sing at the Church which was fun.

For my birthday I got two magazines, a jewelry magazine and a Victoria magazine. I love that one. :D And an Aero sweater from Mama and Papa.

Hadley gave me a few strands of beads and Suzy and Bethany gave me earrings.

Forrest got me Halo Reach :D

Very cool!

and Benny gave me a new mood ring to replace the broken one I've been wearing for years. :D :D :D

It was a very good birthday. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Then it was Sunday and everyone left Church really early so I came home and Forrest and I played Halo.

And THEN! i got sick. :P Sort of anti climatic. I was out for two days and then today I felt much better. Not completely well, but mostly. I was SO tired of all the sick time... I cleaned the house, made dinner, washed the dishes, babysat, went to choir, sang for 1 1/2 hours, came home, made some treasuries for a treasury challenge in my etsy team, and made a new pair of earrings for my etsy shop. :) But now I feel sick again... :P

Friday I'm hoping to go to the mall with Fiona and do more Christmas shopping. I've got presents for most of the people on my list but there are a few left. I CANNOT figure out what to get a couple of them... SO frustrating! Also on Friday there's a Christmas concert I'm looking forward to. :)

My choir is singing at the Grotto the Monday after Christmas and we've been working on a ton of songs.

The LORD is King of Earth's Domain Psalm 24
O Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide
Gaudete! Christus est natus--That song is a ton of fun to sing. We do it really really fast.
Night of the Father's Love-Pepper Choplin --This song is so amazing... This recording doesn't quite capture the beauty of it. It's very very simple, probably the easiest song we've ever done but it's so lovely. I wish we could practice it every week because it's so gorgeous and I love singing it. But because it's so easy we don't have to practice it as often. :P

Ok... So I was in the middle of that post when all of the sudden everyone in the house started throwing up! Owen, Joseph, and Noelle all at the same time multiple times. I suppose that's not everyone but it certainly felt like it.
But to continue. :P

Come, O You Shepherds
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
Arise and Shine in Splendor
Lift up Your Heads, O Ye Gates

I luvs GIR :D

sigh... I'm in a weird mood right now... I don't really like it when I get into these moods... Maybe I'll practice drawing or make another treasury... Blah.

I had other things I wanted to post about but now I can't remember them. It's annoying.

I think I'm going to go to the mall tomorrow and take Fiona. We're going to get some Christmas shopping done. :)


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  1. I'm so glad you got a new ring... that broken one was making me sad. :)


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