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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday and I did have choir. :D

I haven't been posting very often... I wish I wasn't so tired all the time..
For the past two days I have been installing A36s.

SIMPSON STRONG-TIE A35Z Z-MAX Galvanized 18-Gauge Steel Framing Angle A35Z

First you bend over one of the sides with the slot through the middle. Then you hammer down that little tab. Then you put a nail in every one of those little holes. Fortunately I don't have to use a hammer for that. I get to use this.

Grip Rite 60D Palm Size Air Nailer GRTPN600
A Palm Nailer

That makes it a whole lot easier than it might be. :P But it still takes a TON of time and I've done about fifty of them in the past two days alone. The one bad thing about the palm nailer is that yesterday it slipped and I nailed my thumb. That HURT A LOT! Nasty blood blister.

Tomorrow we're doing roofing. And then I don't have to go Friday OR Saturday! :D :D :D Not that I really mind going, I actually kind of enjoy it. But it is so ridiculously hard to get out of my nice warm bed at six in the morning when it won't be light out for another hour...

Today Owen, Noah, Zeke, Papa, and I went and saw Tangled. It was really really good! :D I loved it!

It was very funny and I loved the horse. :D I actually really liked all of the characters. Papa said it was a movie worth owning. :)

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done. :D I'm going to go finish most of the rest of it tomorrow evening and see HP 7! :D

Even though I hate tea... :P :)

You Are Apple Cinnamon Tea
You are a warm and friendly person. You have a compassionate heart, and it shows.
You are naturally sweet and kind. Your spirit of generosity is far reaching.
You love to be cozy and comfortable. You are a natural homebody.
And while you like to be at home, you're not a hermit. You love it when your friends make themselves at home at your place.

Well, goodnight my friends! Much love to you all!


  1. Palm Nailer = totally awesome
    Nailing your finger = not so awesome. Hope it feels better soon and doesn't affect your xbox skills...

    I think that tea description describes you fairly accurately. :)

  2. Want to see Tangled!
    You have most of your Christmas shopping done???? That's crazy. Today was my first day in a store since a week before Thanksgiving...LOL. :-)
    But I am sorry about you and the nailer and your finger... :-P

  3. You've been working hard! Good job :D Don't worry eventually just getting a blood blister out of a smashed finger won't seem so bad :P


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