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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Captain Hastings

I just realized that I haven't posted about this yet. :P

A couple Sundays ago I FINALLY got my cat! :D :D :D

My dear little Captain Hastings. :)

He's named after the Captain Hastings from the Agatha Christie series. He was Hercule Poirot's best friend. All of our animals so far have been named after Agatha Christie characters. We had a rat named Miss Jane Marple. We got her when she was a tiny baby and she was sooo adorable! She had kind of curly soft white fur and little black eyes. Not red eyes like most white rats. Yuck. :P Nope, she had shiny black eyes and soft white and grey fur. :D

When we'd had her for a few months we turned around a Dachshund was in our living room. We tried to find out who he belonged to but we couldn't find them. :P So we kept him and named him Hercule Poirot.

The rat died a while ago but now I've got my Captain Hastings who is asleep on my lap right now. :)

If I can ever get a couple of birds they'll be Tommy and Tuppence. :D

When I run out of Agatha Christie names I'll move on to other British names. If Captain had been a girl he would have been named Sally Sparrow after a character in Doctor Who in the episode Blink.

I've been sick for two days and I'm bored.


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