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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Dance Tomorrow :D

I've been planning a vintage dance for the past month or so and it's happening tomorrow. :) I went to Portland with a bunch of friends a week or two ago to look for dresses.

I did find one though it wasn't what I was thinking originally, but I think it will look nice. :)

I don't have a camera so no pictures from me but the ones from Portland are nice and hopefully there will be some good ones from the dance.

But I've been really busy lately getting ready for it.

♥ Vintage Dance ♥

Grand March--Bearing Witness-Collective Soul

Post Jig--Maple Leaf Rag-Scott Joplin

Margay Hoy--Just Another Name-Lifehouse

Take a Dance--All the Right Moves-One Republic

Swing--Golden Years-David Bowie

Mr. Beverage's Maggot--Try To Remember-Kingston Trio

Lindsey's Waltz--Play Minstrel Play-Blackmore's Night
Magical World-Blackmore's Night

Aw Shucks--Just Call My Name-Blackmore's Night
You Can Call Me Al-Paul Simon

Waltz--You and Me-Lifehouse


Swing--Lucky Lucky Me-Marvin Gaye

Virginia Reel--Toast To Tomorrow-Blackmore's night

Take a Dance--Needs-Collective Soul
If Today Was Your Last Day-Nickelback

Post Jig--Jai Ho-A.R. Rahman

Waltz--Too Young-Nat King Cole

Swing--Hell-Squirrel Nut Zippers

Whip the Willow--It's Beginning To Get to Me by Snow Patrol

There's the dance music list. :) Me, Scott, and Chris picked out a bunch of songs that we don't normally use, so we'll see how it works. :)


  1. Oh wow. This is an awesome list of songs :) Can't wait!!!!!!

  2. Me neither!! And at least 6 of those songs are my favorites!!!AHHHH! I am SO excited!!!


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