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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Songs for today.

Ok, I confess, I like Taylor Swift. A lot. :D She gets beat up on a lot and I'm not really sure why... I mean yes, she is a little fluffy, but so what? There are so many fluffy singers that so many people go crazy over! And really, her songs are much much better than most girl singers her age, especially in the pop area.

I think most girls are probably just jealous. She's famous, makes a living singing, and makes these videos with pretty girly dresses that most girls wish they had a reason to wear. :P Plus, she's beautiful and has a lovely voice.


  1. I haven't been able to get into Taylor Swift. Most of her songs do not stretch her voice at all. They have a pretty limited range of notes. And the harmonies and structures are pretty simplistic. I do like some of the background instruments. And frankly, I don't have much respect for the stuff she sings about. It's all about teen romance--falling in love and breaking up. There's more to those years than that!

    But she is *gorgeous*. And her music videos are usually quite visually appealing.

  2. They may not stretch her voice but they're very difficult for me to sing. :P

    And yes, she does sing a lot of teen romance, but it's usually the kind that girls need to hear. And then a lot of her songs are about the not breaking up, like one of her latest called "Mine".

  3. I love Taylor Swift. :) As you say, she's a little fluffy and I agree, Amanda, her songs are mostly about teenage love, and listening to that too much is not really a good idea...but there's nothing inapropriate, and Taylor Swift seems like a sweet girl. I like how she's not prideful about her talents or her fame. :-P


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