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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Nebulous Kingdom

As you know I have been very into Etsy lately. :) There are so many creative and wonderful things on there! It can be a tad overwhelming.

This I think is my favorite shop.

The Nebulous Kingdom by Anne Julie

Her art is mysterious, beautiful, thoughtful, both sad and happy. It is so hard for me to pick only a few things! If I could I would put up every single one.

This one was inspired by Angel by Sarah McLachlan. A song that I am currently learning. :)

Il etait une fois... (Once upon a time)

It is very hard to choose just one favorite, but if I had to, this one, from Edward Scissorhands probably is. I love this picture.

If you can't afford the large prints then the postcards are a great alternative. As soon as I have some spending money I know I am going to get some. :D This one is a large postcard.

And this is a small one.

So there you are. Her art is beautiful and you really should go check her out. You can find her blog here. If you need some new and interesting art for your walls you should get some of hers!

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