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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Artistry and Inspiration...

I have been feeling pretty sick lately so that has left time for other things. Especially thinking. Specifically thinking about inspiration. About what inspires me.

Have you ever had the feeling or maybe emotion is a better word... The absolute need to create a thing of beauty? A piece of art that moves someone's heart? Or to sing a song that causes someone to cry? That you must do this or burst? That your heart will burst right out of your chest and write a story that will stay with the person who reads it forever.

I both love and hate this feeling. I love it because the need in of itself is beautiful to me. I hate it because I am not talented enough or creative enough to make anything like that. I can sing a little and I can write a very little, and when I am under it's influence I can sing or write better than I could at any other time. But nothing would ever be good enough. Nothing would ever live up to the loveliness I know it should have.

I know, I know... Josh Groban... But if you just listen to the music. Don't think of him singing it. Listen to the words, the melody, the longing. I can't think of anything to describe this feeling than through music. It's not something you can put into words. Music can describe things better than just words.

Radiohead is another band that puts a lot into their music. I love this band... But I think love is the wrong word.

But even music I think, falls short sometimes...

Do you ever get this? What do you do? Can you ever create something that lives up to the passion?


  1. Ooh, I know exactly what you mean! YOu just get this need to make something beautiful, like an inspriation for a story, and you go to write it down....and it never turns out how you want it :-P I guess with writing in general, even with really good authors, anything you write can never be perfect, there's always something to change... but yeah :)

  2. oh and I LOVED the Josh Groban song :)

  3. Have you ever read Till we have Faces, by CS Lewis? I bet you would like it.

  4. Me or Shay :-P? Yeah I have. I love it :) It's very, VERY different from C.S. Lewis's other stuff; but I like it.


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