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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oaks Park :D

I am so tired right now...
Today was this thing at Oaks Park where the girls could get free passes because they had done the summer reading at the library. So we all went and there were a few other people there. Wesley and Benny AND Nathan. ;) were there so Elisa, Forrest, them, and I went on the rides together. We went on the Screaming Eagle three times, the Spider, (which Wesley said was an imposter because it only had six legs) :P the Rock and Roll, and the Monkey cages. :) Then when Wesley and Benny AND Nathan. left we went on the Screaming Eagle four times and then ate dinner. Pizzicator pizza and curly french fries. :D And then we went on the Screaming Eagle one last time.
It was a pretty fun day. :D I am super super tired right now though. :P
Goodnight, sleep tight!
Much love, Shay

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