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Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Camp Pictures

Heh I know June was a loong time ago, but only today did I find all the things I needed to put pictures on the computer. :P

Nathan, I can't believe I actually got a picture of him. :P

Rebekah and Gilma, we all went to the beach to get our feet wet. :)

Sam and Andy

Bethany and Ellen

Bethany doesn't like her picture being taken... :P

Anna and Suzy :)

The warm ups for the very cool basketball game. :D

Noelle's first time on the beach! She didn't really know what to make of the sand at first. She was so cute :D

Joseph actually didn't really know what it was either. :P

Joseph and Hannah who got married soon before this. :)

My bro Scott teaching us ignorant peoples how to dance.

The Twin Rocks :)

A very typical picture of Irene.

It didn't take Noelle too long to catch onto sand. :D

And here's the video of my favorite act at Talent Night. :D

Sorry the quality and sound isn't very good. :P

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