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Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been a long time since I've done a real post. :P I've been so tired lately, and most of my evening time is taken up with emails. :P And I think I'm out of excuses...

And I can't really remember what I've done lately...


Last Sunday we went to a friend's eighteenth birthday party and played lots and lots of Spoons. :D I love that game...

I don't think we really did anything else this week... Did I? I have a mind like a sieve... I kind of wonder what I'll be like when I'm old... :P A little scary. I think that's why I save everything. Journals, Family Camp schedules, Talent Night handouts, letters, Christmas letters, pictures... Because I have trouble remembering things otherwise. I did recently clean out a whole bunch of that kind of stuff though.

But, I am getting very sidetracked. :P

I was sick on Wednesday and Thursday so I stayed in bed and watched Stargate all day. :P I love that show...

Then today I took care of our garage sale aaalll day long. So I have a horrible sunburn now... I am bright red. :P It was a very long and tiring day. The one bright bit was when a friend stopped by for a couple minutes to say hi. :)

Oh, right! I forgot the Jubilee... How could I forget that? :P It was wonderful. :) There was music, and food, and dancing. I loved it. Especially the dancing. :D

I am so ridiculously tired now! And I'm doing the garage sale again tomorrow, so goodnight!

Love, Shay

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