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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

at one in the morning...

So, it's 11:21 at night, I have a headache, we're in the middle of watching a movie, and I was out this evening. BUT, I said I would post or you could kill me. :P

And now the movie is over and it's 12:45. :P :P :P Plus my headache has increased to monstrous sizes. Meh

So, the 4th was pretty awesome. :) We went to Church, as usual and after the meal we went home to get ready to go to the W's. I got a ride there with Rebekah so I got there a whole lot sooner than the rest of my family. :P I spent just about the entire party talking to my friends and watching people play volley ball. :D Pretty fun! :D

Monday was Charity's 18th birthday. We went to their house and played Uno just about the whole time. :P

And today I went and saw Toy Story 3 with a bunch of friends.

It was all in all a very very good few days. :)

Other than that I have started transcribing a sermon for our Church. It's rather difficult. You have no idea how many times I have listened to certain parts of it... :P :P :P It's very very repetitive work. But I enjoy typing, so... :)

Also I am very mad. :( On Monday I walked all the way to the bank to cash a check. Irene went with me and we went to look at the clearance section of shoes at Fred Meyers. Irene bought a pair of shoes for nine dollars and I found a pair that I just love which were also nine dollars. So I went to go cash my check so I could get the shoes... But... Apparently the bank is closed on the 5th of July... SO STUPID! :( So I couldn't get the shoes, or cash my check.

So today, I walk back up there with Mama. And... the sale was over! The shoes were back up to thirty dollars. :'( I am very sad.


There was a very interesting sermon on Sunday. It brought a lot of questions to my mind.

Something I have thought a lot about is how much loyalty should we owe to our country? I love my country very much. I am proud to be an American. I am not proud of our government though.

But my head hurts way too much right now to get into all that. :P

Toy Story 3 was pretty awesome. :) Very funny. I liked it much much more than Toy Story 2.

But I'm going to bed now.

Goodnight my dears...

Much love to you all


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