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Monday, July 19, 2010

!!! :D

Well, I have been keeping up with the 30 day challenge, but it does make it hard to keep up on everything else that happens. :P

Ok, Friday was pretty awesome. :D :D :D Elisa, Mama and I went to Portland and walked around Downtown all afternoon. We went to Pioneer Square and saw the sand castles everyone was building. I though this one was particularly impressive. Look at the wings! I wonder how they did that...

We also went to the mall there and then to Pizzicato, the best pizza place ever!!! We had puttanesca which is the best kind. :D Love love love!

After that we went to Magpies.

A retro clothes store which I LOVE!!!!!! I know, I know... :P I love a lot of things, but I really do love this store! :D I love vintage things so much, especially fifties and this place has some of the most amazing vintage clothing! There was this yellow 50's prom dress that I wanted so badly and this blue one with this awesome pink sash, and a beautiful beautiful pink dress with a scarf to go with it. Then there were at least three other dresses that made me wish so badly I had the money and the reasons to buy them... *sigh... I need to be come rich and famous. :P

Anyways after that we went to Buffalo Exchange and Elisa bought a GIR T-shirt. :) Not the one I would have chosen... But still, it's kind of cute.

This one is more along the lines of what I would choose, but what I would really want is one of GIR singing "The Doom Song"!!!
The last place we went was a store that I think was called Everyday Music, but I'm not sure... But I was asking the guy at the counter about Radiohead and it was really funny. :P He looked at me really weird like you...?? Radiohead? lol I guess I don't look the type to listen to it?

BUT!!! The real reason we went to Portland in the first place was because the choir that I sing in was asked to sing the National Anthem at a Beaver's baseball game!!! :D :D :D

See it from every angle!!!

But yeah. That was pretty awesome. :D And I just found out that there were actually over 7,000 people there. We sang in front of that many people... It's way less scary to sing with a group than it is singing by yourself, but still... That's a lot of people, I'm surprised I wasn't more nervous. :P

Anyways, I'm finally going to bed!



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